Executing the perfect prank is an art that demands deft craftsmanship and sly cunning. Whether you're talking about a good-natured practical joke between roommates or an elaborate hit against a nosy neighbor, nothing sends a message with satisfying elegance like a well-designed prank. But how can you, just some regular schmo, become an ultimate prankster?

Welcome to Prank University! Here are 100 essential pranks - From classics such as Doorbell Drench and Silly-String-Sleep to more modern operations like Quick Leg Shave, Wasabi Paste, and Plastic Forking. Step-by-step instructions and ingenious diagrams make these diabolical schemes all too easy. An Icon system denotes prank difficulty as well as the number of accomplices needed, cost involved (if any), and whether to film the event for posterity. Just remember to use this information judiciously..you never know when some young jokester (also armed with this book) might be coming.

With over 200+ pages and 100+ Illustrations, jackass class is in session!